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Netwerkpro is internationally active
in several innovative projects

Future Mothers, pathways to an autonomous future for mothers, is a small-scale collaboration between Caregivers SRL from Romania and Netwerkpro, starting in 2023.

With our project BLOOM we contribute to the social and professional empowerment of vulnerable mothers. We are going to develop a high quality empowerment program that can be used by professionals or non-formal caregivers for mothers to-be and mothers, with elements of practical instruction and education on childcare. As well as an online platform for knowledge sharing, sharing experiences, connecting with peers and access to training modules for all target groups.


  • Supporting vulnerable mothers in taking the next step towards education, participation or the labour market with a structured approach
  • Improving the training and coaching skills of professionals in non-formal adult education with regards to this target group
  • Improving the partners’ and networks of partners’ capability to reach and support vulnerable mothers
  • Promoting the implementation of the methodology with other organisations that reach this target group, like midwifery practices, maternity and neonatal care organisations, social (women) grassroot organisations, and parent- and child centres

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The project is made possible by Erasmus+.

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