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Netwerkpro is internationally active
in several innovative projects

Over the last two years, we have supported 360 female newcomers in Europe, together with our partners in Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Italy and Greece.

With these partners, we launched WINGS: ‘Social and economic empowerment of migrant women’ in late 2020. An innovative and ambitious project to make 360 female newcomers socially and economically independent. In addition, the project provides adult education professionals with the means to contribute to this. Each partner has its own expertise in education, integration and empowerment of newcomers.

WINGS creates a platform for exchanging good examples and showcasing activities, with the aim of achieving sustainable impact.

The project has run for two years and target at least 1300 stakeholders across Europe, including migrant women, adult educators and organisations.

Our partners are Synthesis (Cyprus), Glocal Factory (Italy), Higgs (Greece), Geinnova (Spain) and Skills Zone (Malta).

The project is made possible by Erasmus+.

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